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    So, albeit just putting it in CrossfireX and not utilizing Crossfire, NZXT just came out with a brand new case that I want to get my hands on. same size as my Phantom, but more room for cooling in the future, and better cable management. To afford this I am selling my 6850 for around 150 USD + S&H. I can negotiate, but would like to stay around there. Card is barely a month old, and only adjusted the memory clock and core clock to my 6870's specs for Crossfire. it is the PE/OC and brand new retails on Newegg for 177.99 USD. It runs BF3 on high settings with a little lag on Ultra in single player on factory settings. r6850 pe/oc

    also for sale I still have my 585W PSU. Free to a home, only cost will be S+H.

    if interested PM and we can negotiate on the card.

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