Bomber Mission 9/16/11 on Rooks Strats AAR

Discussion in 'Bomber Tactics' started by Waystin2, Sep 17, 2011.

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    I came in to this mission a few minutes after launch but I still want to share my thoughts on how it went. First of all, it was successful in hitting their strats. After striking the strats is where the enemy numbers became more concentrated and communications became more key to survival and successful egress to safe airspace.

    A few things for more success:

    1) Establish a separate channel for fighter escorts so that they can stay coordinated. I quickly lost touch with Jughead, Ranger and the other fighter pilots after things got intense and never managed to re-establish it due to the amount of radio traffic.

    2) Establish a bomber commander. This person for the mission is the end all decision maker for the bomber pilots. Too many Generals causes massive confusion on an organized raid like this.

    3) Call out bogeys once clearly in the following manner: clock position from bombers, altitude, type. The important factor here is once and clearly.

    4) One person within the bomber formations regularly types out bomber alt and heading. This allows fighter pilots to vector back in to the bombers.

    These are all behaviors that were learned and used during large scale bomber raids in the BOG and Rangoon scenarios. Let's use them guys! Let me know your thoughts please...


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    I also came in late - and upped a fighter to catch up to you guys and heard all the chatter.

    Might I suggest more use of the Squad Text channel versus Squad Vox. Save Vox for 'mission critical' info - Bogeys, headings, etc.

    Squad Text could be used for questions, jokes, complaining about Oneway, etc....LOL

    (j/k Oneway - you know we love you!)

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    The Mission was Fun as heck but way to much chatter. as far as i was concerned Fish was the lead bomber and we all follow his directions, same goes for The Fighters they need one leader while doing Bomber Duty. another thing that made it harder for the bombers was the different types and load outs of the bombers the 17's couldnt keep up to the Lancs and the 24's had to reduce to much throttle to stay with the Lancs on the climb out, once your level its not bad keeping the mixed bag of bombers together, but we did look good last night we stayed real tiight so hats off to all the Bomber guys.

    Next time we do this we need to all up the same bomber with same loadouts, the climb rates will all be the same and keeping tight will be a breese and it makes a great defensive force, now i dont like to use Lancs unless we have alot of escorts to keep our underneath clear, if we have no escorts i like to use the B17's or B24 for the lower protection sure the bomb load out is smaller but you'll have a greater gun package then the Lancs for Defense once your all formed up tight.

    i like the idea of the fighters going up or down a channel ( fighters would pick a channel) on vox during engagements, the bombers stay on 152 and talk to the Fighters on Range if they need help. another good trick to keeping a bomber formation tight is the .wingman command BUT don't pair up each bomber pilot pics another, here's an example...

    7 bombers.. Fish-Urself- Shelbywu-Oneway-Mello-Syko-Bugs.... Now Fish would .wingman me i would .wingman shelbywu, shelbywu would .wingman Oneway and so on untill the end where Bugs would .wingman Fish Now no one can get lost or get to far apart you fly as a tight formation this way, it also works great for fighter sweeps it keeps everyone tight and no one gets to far away from each other, hope that makes sense..... man i think i had a bustr moment.

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