And the Winner is...P-47-D40

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    I have been struggling with what plane to use for bomber hunting. My Spits are just to undergunned and fragile to hit most buffs, with the exception of a fast head on pass.

    I have tried the Mosquito (great guns but too slow, big target-sorry Razor), TA152 (just do not click with this bird-I like my Dora or 190A-5 but they are undergunned and underperform up high), P-47-M (I get a lot of nose bounce in this plane, not sure why), Pony (good, but the Jugs and other birds bring more hitting power), Tempest, F4U1-C & F4U4 (just do not like the idea of feeding perk birds to buff gunners), Typhoon (limited altitude performance and has that great bullet scoop in the front UGH).

    Anyway, after open tryouts I narrowed it down to the P-47-N and the P-47D-40. Both hit hard with 8 .50's, both are fast up high, with the Nancy model being the fastest. Two things helped me decide on the D-40: It climbs to altitude quicker, and I have already been using it alot for JABO work. Why not use it as fighter when the need to hit buffs up high is required? So I will be working more with the D-40 in the bomber interception role.

    Here is the link to the D-40 Write-up:


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