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    1BDSPADE Waystin2
    Waystin2, I think this is the original nose art.
  2. 1badspade
    1badspade Waystin2
    I'm back and ready for the attack, but first i gotta get Aces High paid..
  3. Mello
    Mello Waystin2
    Remember Me? Going to be back soon, OINK!
  4. Waystin2
    Frame 3 FSO is this Friday!
  5. Waystin2
    YO HO HO off to work I go.
  6. AngryWalter
    What the Hell are you looking at?
  7. Syko
    Welcome to my place.
  8. -Sg-
    -Sg- Syko
    Hello, may i join you for the upcoming FSO?
  9. Waystin2
    Waystin2 ERLYBRD
    Noted Red. Pain in the ass stuff there Sir. We will see you when it is sorted out my friend.


    ERLYBRD Waystin2
    morning boss, this is red07, i came back in from the field yesterday and had an email that they tried taking my payment and said it wouldnt go through i have emailed hitec and called and couldnt get an answer i dont want my account cancelled i dont know why it wouldnt go through theres plenty of money in my account
    SSG John Mchugh
  11. Backon
  12. Backon
  13. TheFNG
    Happy to be back guys, thanks for the open arm welcome!!
  14. pepper
  15. Ehrler
  16. Pandora
    Pandora Waystin2
    Hi Waystin,
    Possible to leave me as a member, would be good to stay in touch ... ? Plus, I'm only taking a break, will be back :)
    Thanks, Pandora
  17. JoeTools
    For a wounded man shall say to his assailant ... "If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven"
  18. LtTaylor
    LtTaylor reporting for duty. <S> My post
    REDDEYE JugHead
    Sup Brutha... Where you been hiding? Hunting I'm sure... Cheers...
  20. BentNail
    BentNail TheFNG
    Battle field looks bad ass, but out of work and out of unemployment. So I cant get it yet. If you want to know about steam? Google it, they also have free demos you can down load and play. On or off line